Getting Ready for 2018

Hello Market Friends,

It’s 2018 and we’re gearing up for another wonderful season at the 40th annual Healdsburg Farmers’ Market!

Yes, you read that right: 40 years! The market began in July of 1978, in what was the tiny agricultural community of Healdsburg. Back then it was a big deal, being one of the original 22 markets established in the state. In our area it was a hub for every local farmer and food producer to sell their wares, and people came from miles around to shop.

Nowadays most towns have their own markets: some have several during the week. But that doesn’t mean that the Healdsburg market isn’t special. In fact, in Sonoma County it is unique for a few reasons. For one thing, 90% of our farmers grow within 20 miles of the market. Most markets throughout the area, and the state, have farms represented from all over. We do have a stone and citrus fruit grower, an almond grower and a date grower from out of the area. All the rest of the produce sold at the market was grown right here. For people who want to buy the freshest produce and are local-vores, this is the market to check out. Also, this market is certified, which means the person selling to you is the grower. They aren’t a big ag distributor.

Another plus for our market is the lack of commercial booths. As markets struggle to fill spaces you will find the occasional spa dealer or insurance agent. We understand the desire of commercial companies wanting to reach the kind of folks who shop at markets, but this is not us. At the Healdsburg market you will find produce, food product and handmade craft. Period. We do have non-profits like Master Gardeners and Farm to Pantry, but thaaat’s all folks.

And speaking of craft, even that is special at our market. Our bylaws require that only five vendors per week are allowed to be craft, so we rotate each week and have different artists. We accept no imports: only work made by the applying artist. Like the certified farmer mentioned above, our craft fits into that category as well.

The market opens Saturday May 5th and we can’t wait! I’ll be posting updates on our Saturday market and on a new mid-week market too, so stay tuned!!

May 24th, 2017

I have been quite lax about this aspect of my job, and I apologize. For those who take the time to read these missives, thanks, and here is the latest blog…

I am loving this!! The Saturday market has been open 3 weeks now and managing it is exciting, challenging, and yet strangely easy. It is so beloved by the community that people are just there on Saturdays. Suddenly the market is swarming with happy shoppers, and our vendors are trying to keep up. Just as suddenly the market is over, we pack it up and drive away. Having a history of putting on a two-day festival, and spending a whole week setting it up, this instant event business is at first a bit dis-arming. But now I feel it’s perfect to have a lovely few hours to sell, buy, listen to music, eat, and enjoy a beautiful morning in a lovely setting, surrounded by neighbors and friends.

The next great challenge is the opening of the Wednesday Evening Market! Unlike Saturday, which has been going gangbusters for forever, the Wednesday market has not fared well. Both the day and location have changed in recent years, which has created a weak market, losing both vendors and shoppers as the weeks wore on last season.

This is changing. When the market opens June 7th, 4-7pm in the Cerri parking lot next to SHED on North St, it will be full: 26 vendors. That’s smaller than Saturday, which has over 40, but the quality and diversity will be just as good. There will be vendors which are not at Saturday market. There will be more prepared food vendors, because it is the dinner hour. Indian, Asian, Joe the Green Grocer, and even waffles and homemade ice cream!

We are working on opening a weekly wine tasting the first week of July. It will be held in the Wetzel Native Plant Gardens, adjacent to the market lot. It will incorporate two wineries per week, changing each week. It’s still being worked out, and the city approval will come mid -June so we’ll be advertising it as soon as we know for sure…but spread the word!

Thanks for reading…hope to see you at the markets!

March 5, 2017

Its a new year…and a brand new manager for the 2017 Markets!

My name is Janet Ciel and some of you reading this may know me from the Bodega Seafood, Art & Wine Festival, an event I created and produced for 23 years, along with many other events locally.  I have just been hired to run the fabulous Healdsburg Farmers’ Markets, and I cannot tell you how excited I am!

I had no idea when I was hired how long California farmers’ markets have existed. Finding out that Healdsburg Farmers’ Market is 38 years old, and is one of a very small handful of markets which began back then, makes me feel very proud to be a part of this heritage.

It occurred to me that the concept of farmers’ markets goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Consider our agrarian ancestors and their need to sell their wares. Where did they go but to the local gathering spot, setting up a display and hawking their goods.

Not only is this an ancient custom, outdoor farmers’ markets exist all over the world. I have been to farmers’ markets in Thailand, Jamaica, Germany, Amsterdam, Costa Rica and many other places. There is likely a market in every village, town and city all over the world.

When you buy directly from the farmer you get the freshest food. You’re supporting a tradition, keeping small businesses alive, you know who grew your food and where it was grown, rather than buying produce grown in Chile or other parts of the world, and sold in generic supermarkets.

The Saturday Market begins May 6th and runs through the end of November. The Wednesday evening market begins June 7th and runs through the end of October. Come spend some time at the markets and get to know our growers, food vendors and craftspeople. Keep the market alive and thriving!


September 17, 2016

Despite the change in the weather the market is still going and will continue through November.  This week at the market you will find amazing dried heirloom tomatoes from Reyes Farm.  Looking to try some of the best arugula in town? Check out Bernier FarmsRidgeview Farm has several varieties of apples and Russian Creek Farm will be there with duck eggs and chicken eggs.  Don’t forget the bacon!  Owen Family Farm and Sonoma Meat Company have you covered.  You can also brighten your day with some beautiful flowers from S&W Flowers.

We’ll be there 9am-12pm!  Come early and get an espresso or a turmeric latte from Retrograde Roasters!

August 27, 2016 Zucchini Festival

Fun for the whole family!  Zucchini Races start at 10am (registration opens at 9am).  Prizes for the fastest race car, best decorated and of course largest zucchini.  Live music by the Foggy River Boys and prepared foods by Green Grocer, Market Kitchen and coffee and espresso from Retrograde Roasters.

Dry Creek Peach will have fresh peaches.

Soda Rock Farm has a huge variety of heirloom tomatoes.

Bumble Bee Seafood will have fresh salmon and prawns.

Franco’s One World Sausage will have several succulent units to choose from.


August 12, 2016

Russian Creek Farm will have both duck and chicken eggs.

Reyes Farm will have Dahlias, fresh strawberries and Padron peppers.

Hidden Pond Farm will have fresh fennel pollen.

Dry Creek Peach will have TraZee, Snow King, and Sept Snow peaches

A few highlights of Sophie’s Five Acres’ flowers for this week:  the last of their very unusual Hollyhock-like Lavatera and a special on big bunches of Limelight Hydrangeas — only $5 a bunch!

Come check us out 9am-12pm Saturday!

Our New Website!

Welcome to our new site. Check back here to see what is new at the market!