Getting Ready for 2018

Hello Market Friends,

It’s 2018 and we’re gearing up for another wonderful season at the 40th annual Healdsburg Farmers’ Market!

Yes, you read that right: 40 years! The market began in July of 1978, in what was the tiny agricultural community of Healdsburg. Back then it was a big deal, being one of the original 22 markets established in the state. In our area it was a hub for every local farmer and food producer to sell their wares, and people came from miles around to shop.

Nowadays most towns have their own markets: some have several during the week. But that doesn’t mean that the Healdsburg market isn’t special. In fact, in Sonoma County it is unique for a few reasons. For one thing, 90% of our farmers grow within 20 miles of the market. Most markets throughout the area, and the state, have farms represented from all over. We do have a stone and citrus fruit grower, an almond grower and a date grower from out of the area. All the rest of the produce sold at the market was grown right here. For people who want to buy the freshest produce and are local-vores, this is the market to check out. Also, this market is certified, which means the person selling to you is the grower. They aren’t a big ag distributor.

Another plus for our market is the lack of commercial booths. As markets struggle to fill spaces you will find the occasional spa dealer or insurance agent. We understand the desire of commercial companies wanting to reach the kind of folks who shop at markets, but this is not us. At the Healdsburg market you will find produce, food product and handmade craft. Period. We do have non-profits like Master Gardeners and Farm to Pantry, but thaaat’s all folks.

And speaking of craft, even that is special at our market. Our bylaws require that only five vendors per week are allowed to be craft, so we rotate each week and have different artists. We accept no imports: only work made by the applying artist. Like the certified farmer mentioned above, our craft fits into that category as well.

The market opens Saturday May 5th and we can’t wait! I’ll be posting updates on our Saturday market and on a new mid-week market too, so stay tuned!!