The Healdsburg Farmers’ Market’s 34th annual Pumpkin Festival happens on Saturday October 27th, 2018. It combines carving skills, pumpkin decoration, and racing abilities, as well as a costume contest to win market bucks, and great prizes donated by local businesses. Contest registration begin at 8:30am, with races and judging beginning at 10. and continue throughout the morning.

COMPETITIONS: REGISTER between 8:30-9:30am on market morning
7 AND UNDER  ~  8-15  ~  16-ADULT

PUMPKIN CARVING: Pumpkin carving in all age categories is one fun event to compete in. Kids and adults are invited to carve market-provided pumpkins, or bring a pre-carved pumpkin for judging.

DECORATE/RACE:  Maybe you’d prefer to decorate your pumpkin, put wheels on it and race it down the market track? Please decorate your pumpkin at home and insert wheels in it, before bringing it to market.

COSTUME COMPETITION! This is a first year event, so go all out and wear something outrageous. Extra brownie points for market-related attire. COSTUMES MUST BE HOMEMADE: NOT FROM A KIT, OR COSTUME STORE.

Included in the festivities are kids’ art activities and a Dia de los Muertos display, as well as other fun art projects sponsored by the Westside Union School District.

Prizes include gift certificates or merchandise from HEALDSBURG SHED, THE TOY CHEST, COPPERFIELD’S BOOKS, JIMTOWN STORE, HEALDSBURG RUNNING COMPANY AND MR MOON’S, as well as MARKET BUCKS to spend at any booth in the market!


8:30- 9:00: Costume Contest Registration
8:30 – 9:30 Registration of Decorated/Racing Pumpkins
8:30-10:15 Pumpkin Selection and Carving
10:30: Carved Pumpkin Winners Announced
9am: Costume Contest line-up and judging
9:30: Costume Winners Announced
9:45 Creative Pumpkin Car Winners Announced
10:00 Races Begin

• Enter Racing Pumpkins between 8:30 and 9:30 on the day of the contest.
• Age Categories: 7 and under ~ 8-15 ~ 16-adult
• Race cars must be made of real pumpkins.
• The pumpkin should be the vehicle, not a roller skate or toy truck.
• Wheels and axles must be inserted in the pumpkin to be judged, and must be able to roll down the track to be eligible for prizes.
• Wheels can be made of wood, metal, vegetable, or plastic.
• The width of one track is 11 inches, so the width of the car must be less than 11 inches.