Thanks so much for your interest in performing at our markets! Many of you have been with us for years and we look forward to having you back. Some of you have inquired about performing, so here is the basic information. For old timers, there is info here you know, and some new and exciting changes.

Healdsburg Farmers’ Market has 2 markets: Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In previous years we have only had entertainment at the Saturday markets, but not the mid-week one. We would like to change that, but here’s the catch…We only have an entertainment budget for the Saturday markets ($75). So if you are okay with playing for free and having a tip jar, then please sign up for both of them.

TIME: The Saturday Market opens at 8:30am and musicians may arrive and begin setting up at 7:30. You can begin playing  any time after 8:30. The Wednesday Market opens at 4pm, so you may begin setting up at 3:00 and begin playing after 4. Take breaks as needed.

We have power for you but you must bring your own amplification. Please keep your volume on low so that vendors can converse with customers.

FREQUENCY OF ATTENDANCE: In looking at previous years’ schedules it appears there were several bands/musicians who played multiple times. While we are very grateful for your willingness to do this, we would like to open the schedule to a few more bands. So we will allow a MAXIMUM OF 3 PERFORMANCES PER MARKET PER SEASON. If you want more performance opportunities we hope you will sign up for both markets.

MONEY: Those of you who have been with us for years know that we are a non-profit, and don’t have much of a budget for entertainment. We have $75/week for the Saturday markets and none for the Wednesday ones. But we are fine with you selling CDS, or other promotional materials relating to your band, as well as having a tip jar. WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT ACTIVELY SOLICIT TIPS FROM CUSTOMERS.

PROMOTIONS: We know that a big piece of your willingness to perform at the markets is the exposure, and we want to help you with that by promoting you on our website and Facebook page. Please email Youtube links if you have them, or good photos. Any materials you have found are valuable in promoting your band we are interested in.

Promotions should go both ways. We ask that you promote your appearances at the market in the same fashion. Let’s work together to build our audiences!