NOVEMBER 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th, 2019

Aroma Floral Jendala
Hiroko Ishida Jungle Maiden Jewelry

Big River Gems

The month of November is special at the Healdsburg Farmers’ Market. We open up a 3rd aisle and fill it with beautiful craft! Each week 20 or more artisans will be selling, and from week to week the mix will change, so each Saturday you can see new artists! How perfect to be able to do your grocery and gift shopping at the same time!

November 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th
8:30 – NOON

 BELOW IS A SCHEDULE OF VENDORS AND WHICH DATES THEY’LL BE AT THE MARKET. This is subject to change so please contact the market manager if you want to confirm the vendor’s appearance.


Carol Frechette 2NFrom leather goods x x
Carol Crespan A’Va’s Botanicals x x x
Becky Malloy b Pottery x x x
Jackie Heinz Big Mountain Forest Products x x x x x
Bruce Clark Big River Gems x x
Vince Montague Bobcat Ceramics x x
Emily Miller Emily B Miller Jewelry x x x x x
Susan Sabia Fused Glass by Susan Sabia x x x x
Yvonne Drisdell Gembrosia x x x
Leslie Atkins Heartfelt Fiber x x
Hiroko Ishida Hiroko x x x
Lisa Williams I’m So Sure x x x x x
Cyndi Smith Innovative Fabric x x
Jen Utsch Jendala x x x x x
Maura Palmer Joyful Monk Art x x x x
Pegge Bastess Jungle Maiden x
Karen Silberg Karen Silberg Ceramics x x
Lissa Herschleb Lissa Herschleb x x x
Maryjane Salberg Maryjane Salberg x x x x x
Mike Rosen Mike Rosen x x x x x
Kristen Lanorlira My Urban Poncho x x
Sue Flanagan Napkins by Sue x x x
Shannon Furr Odins
Kierston Aiello Ornery Metal x x
Roxanna Marinak Pearls Roxanna x x x
Amy McFarland Renegade Botanicals x x x x
Richard Sheppard Richard Sheppard Fine Art x x x x
Ed Laney The Tinkerer x x x x x
Jaimie Du Bois Two Dogs Shop x x x
Valerie Pustorino Val’s Inspirations Art x x
Denise Ward Wardworks x x x x x
Kevin Makayrk Wild Coast Woodcraft x x x x x