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The month of November is special at the Healdsburg Farmers’ Market. We open up a 3rd aisle and fill it with beautiful craft! How perfect to be able to do your grocery and gift shopping at the same time!

November 3rd, 10th, 17, and 24th
8:30 – NOON

BELOW IS A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE. This can change, so if there’s a specific artist you’re trying to find contact me at 824-8717 or, the day before the market to make sure they’ll be coming.

NAME 3-Nov 10-Nov 17-Nov 24-Nov
Hiroko Ishida x x x
Vince Montague/ Bobcat Ceramics x x
Pegge Bastress / Jungle Maiden Jewelry x x
Maryjane Salberg Jewelry x x x x
Michael Rosen Ceramics x x x x
Laura Sandoval/ Aroma Floral X X X X
Bruce Clark/ Big River Gems x
Sue Flanagan/ Napkins by Sue x x x x
Andrea Tengstam/ Wabi Sabi Kimono x x
Stephanie Hayes Ceramics x
Denise Ward/ Wardworks Jewelry x x x x
Jen Utsch/ Jendala x x
Michele Holland Quilts x x x
Diane Austen / Multiple Threads x x x x
Kevin Makaryk Woodwork X X X
George Anderson / Ride ‘Um George x x x
Pam Gentry Jewelry x x
Nasimiyu Wekesa Basketry x x x
Leslie Atkins/ Heartfelt Fiber x
Jim Strand/ In Stone Jewelry x x x x
Amy Brust/ Amy’s Accoutrements x x x
Heather Lagerway/ La Rue Apothecary x x
Cyndi Smith/ Innovative Fabric Creations x x
Louise Garbarino/ Give Fleece a Chance x
Amy McFarland/ Renegade Botanicals x
Lissa Herschleb Ceramics x x
Becky Malloy Ceramics x x
Richard Sheppard Fine Art x x x
Jennifer Una/Una Rosa Handwovens x x
Maya Elmer/Bounty and Bloom x x
Candace Bailey/Green Pisces Designs x